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Girls' Weekend

December 10th, 2012 at 08:22 pm

The girls' weekend in the city was a success -- and only $126! This year we did not stay in a hotel, but at a Hyde Park condo which one of my girlfriends is currently renting. It was very retro in an amusing way, but had fabulous views of the lake and the skyline. We only ate out three times -- dinner at the Grand Lux, high tea at the Drake, and breakfast at Bonjour Bakery. I spent $10 on a cab, but otherwise used the train, which was free since I have a monthly pass. I tried to pitch the museum idea, but it was a no-go -- they like to shop. So we thoroughly did Water Tower Place. I ended up buying three infinity scarves at Banana Republic -- one for me, and one for each of my DILs. That was $112, and that was all the buying I did. Now I feel like I'm done with Christmas shopping. Lots of wrapping to do, though.

The nicest surprise of the weekend, though, was coming home to find that my son and his wife had put up my Christmas tree, trimmed it, and decorated the house! What a pleasure it was! And I have to say, my little home does Christmas very well! Very warm and welcoming.

I was SO tired after the weekend. I did one load of laundry and went to bed. It didn't help that the weather turned cold and rainy on Sunday, just when I had to walk to the train station (and it was a good thirty-minute walk). I was soaked. But I had mac & cheese for lunch at Corner Bakery while waiting for the train, and the Christmas surprise at home to sweeten the day.

This morning I had another follow-up appointment from my surgery (all is well). So I drove, leaving the house at 6 to make a 7:00 appointment. Afterwards I picked up a scone and coffee at the hospital's cafe ($5). I was expecting to have to pay $5 for parking, but there was no attendant on duty, so I got a break!

I ALMOST lost a very nice earring, but was lucky enough to find it right by my car -- and not run over!

A colleague from another school took me out to lunch today to "pick my brains." I'm not sure my brains had very much to offer, but he bought me lunch at Portillo's, so I hope he got his money's worth.

This Saturday we are having sort of a pre-Christmas celebration. My DIL is making dinner, and then there will be a gift-opening for family members who will not be in the area on Christmas Day, namely my ex and his wife, and my nephew and his family. My grand-nieces will not even be around for that, as they are going on a Disney cruise with their grandparents from the other side of the family. Remember how I stressed about their gifts? I guess I will wrap them up and they can open them when they come back.

I am charged with bringing an appetizer, and I haven't decided what. Easy, cheap, and impressive -- that's all I ask!

3 Responses to “Girls' Weekend”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    Glad you had a good time!

  2. librarylady Says:

    What a nice thing that was for your kids to do, decorate your home as a surprise for you. Glad you enjoyed the weekend.

  3. Maranatha Says:

    What a lovely way to end a perfect weekend by having your house decorated by your kids!

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