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A very welcome Friday

December 14th, 2012 at 04:05 pm

I bought a bag of pistachios last night - $8 - and I think it is my last bit of Christmas shopping. Forgot to use my Walgreen's gift card! But I guess that's not really a loss, as there will always be other things to get at Walgreen's. The pistachios were $2 off.

So I'm finish with shopping, except -- I am a little worried about grandson #2. While I spent the same amount on both boys -- maybe even a little more on #2 -- he only has two gifts, while #1 has about five. They are too young to understand quality versus quantity. I may have to get some little somethings.

This morning we had our Christmas breakfast at work. It's very nice -- they set up omelet stations and provide a really nice buffet. Then there is a raffle for some nice gift baskets. I was really hoping to win a basket geared to games and toys, but, of course, didn't win anything!

I had some kind of bad digestive reaction to something I ate yesterday -- maybe cheesecake that sat out too long? I really thought I might not come in today, but felt so much better in the morning. I figure there will be days when I REALLY have to take off; might as well save my time.

Tonight I have to grocery shop, then make a cheese ball for tomorrow's family dinner. I also have to wrap gifts, and more laundry is beckoning, too. I am learning that the 3 1/2 hour commute, while not awful, is seriously eroding my home time. I did laundry last night, and loaded the dishwasher and that's all I did. My supper was cold bacon; I couldn't even take the time to warm up something.

But at least I didn't spend anything other than the pistachios and the laundry.

I didn't bring a lunch today, but with my good breakfast this morning, I might be okay with oatmeal for lunch.

I got a bill from the hospital that I just threw in my bag and haven't had the nerve to look at yet.

One of my co-workers was found sobbing at her desk this morning, and won't tell anyone why. And another is late because her grandfather had a cancerous kidney removed. So the atmosphere here is not very festive. I will try to find something nice to do for each of them today.

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Hope things look up for your coworkers...I bet they will appreciate your kindness.

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