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Baby, it's cold outside!

January 22nd, 2013 at 07:27 am

After our rather creepily mild weather we finally got hit with a blast of arctic air. I'm not sure what the temperature is, but I know with the wind chill factor it is well below zero.

I decided to try to walk to the station, since it is such a money loss to drive after already paying for a train ticket. I wore tights and a thermal undershirt under my clothes, and a turtleneck and cardigan on top. Teamed up with my down coat, squall mittens, infinity scarf and lined knit cap, I was prepared for the weather. Only my face got cold, and that couldn't be helped, unless I got a ski mask.

At the downtown station I got next month's train pass - $105.

I packed my breakfast - quiche - and lunch - turkey casserole. Just a matter of grabbing them from the freezer. I'm finally on a roll with food prep.

More laundry tonight. I won't try hanging it up wet again -- everything dried stiff as a board! It helps so much to tumble them even for a few minutes, but I have to pay full price whether I use the dryer for a few minutes or 40 minutes, so I might as well dry them all the way.

1 Responses to “Baby, it's cold outside!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Glad you stayed pretty warm. And great job getting in the food prep habit. That will save you lots of money!!

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