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Walkin' in a Winter Wonderland

January 25th, 2013 at 06:49 am

The walk to the station this morning was lovely -- just enough snow to make everything sparkle. It might not be so much fun on the way home, as it has not stopped!

There was a fire on a parallel set of tracks near the downtown station. Nobody but me seemed to be alarmed. I wonder if it is some kind of maintenance?

A long-time student worker is working her last day today. I was asked to contribute a little cash and perhaps bring a treat for a good-bye party. I had no cash at all yesterday, having given it all to the Thai restaurant. I was really too tired to go to the bank last night once I got home -- or to find an ATM -- or get in the car, even. I stopped at Walgreen's on my walk home, where I bought Tootsie rolls, and asked if I could get cash back. No. Then I remembered that there is an ATM in the downtown station, so I drew out some cash this morning between trains. Once I got to town, I stopped at a bakery and bought some muffins. (The Tootsie rolls were not for the party; they are for a communal candy jar that we all contribute to). I gave my co-worker $5 for the cash envelope, so I have done my duty, but altogether I spent about $25.

But I packed my breakfast, and I am hoping that there will be enough food at the party to serve for lunch.

I got a pledge reminder from my alma mater, so later today I will send them a $50 check.

Looking forward to my weekend! Hope you all have a great one, too!

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