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Quiet weekend

January 28th, 2013 at 06:48 am

I stayed close to home all weekend, just a few errands on Saturday and in all day Sunday.

On Saturday, I got in the car to go to the grocery and set off my alarm. Puzzling, since I've stopped using the remote, which failed to work even after I replaced the battery. But on Saturday, the KEY set off the alarm. And I eventually turned it off with the remote, not even registering that for some reason it was now apparently working.

I went to the Toyota dealer thinking I should just replace the remote. I won't even tell you how long I sat in line, and how two cars weaseled their way in front of me. I'll only say, when I finally got to talk to someone, he said that it would cost $700 to replace the security system, since I had a "non-factory" remote (came with the car, which I bought used). But he demonstrated that the remote was actually working fine. Shades of Jeffrey's experience -- the car won't act up when a mechanic is looking at it.

So I left, and I will hope that the remote will continue to work. I sure don't want to sink $700 into this old car, especially for something non-mechanical.

After that I went to Aldi's -- first time in this area, but it is pretty much the same as the one I used to go to. I spent $22 on food and $4 on kitty litter. My favorite deal was a big red pepper for .49! I don't have my receipt, so I can't remember everything else I bought, but I'll try: almond milk, eggs, walnuts, frozen pizza, blueberries, canned mushrooms -- now I'm blanking out. There was probably something else.

I did some cooking -- made an invented chicken-pepperoni-rice casserole that was pretty good. I ate a serving and then froze two big servings. I also made English muffin pizzas and froze them. Then I made tuna salad, which I will not freeze, of course, since it has hard-boiled egg in it. Anyway, I'm very well-stocked for lunches and will have tuna sandwiches for dinner the next few nights.

Today I brought in one of the mini-pizzas, which I ate for breakast (I love pizza for breakfast) and for lunch, a green pepper-beef mixture to serve over rice.

It is very springlike today -- in a bad way -- ugly spring, with rain and mud and water on top of melting ice -- but warm. I do appreciate the warmth.

I didn't bring an umbrella, which I think will be much-needed. My "tote" size umbrella inverted on me before Christmas and needs to be replaced. I have a golf-size umbrella, but it is too big to take on the train. So I need to buy a tote-size umbrella. I'm going to check out the college book store today. It won't be a bargain, but a little boosterism won't hurt.

I just put $5 into a football pool. What the heck, I might win.

Oh, here's the receipt. I also bought bacon bits, cooking spray, flour tortillas, and Jiffy corn muffin mix.

2 Responses to “Quiet weekend”

  1. BuckyBadger Says:

    Should the alarm continue to act up, I would imagine it would be easy and cheap to just deactivate the thing completely. I'm not sure how old you car is, but I think I remember from other posts that it's no spring chicken. I wouldn't spend $700 to "fix" the alarm on a car -- I'd just live without it...

  2. CB in the City Says:

    That's what I'll do, if I can. On my previous car, a Toyota Camry, I could never get them to disable it -- some kind of complication that I can't remember. I hope it's not a Toyota thing.

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