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Food Success

January 31st, 2013 at 06:46 am

I succeeded yesterday in not buying any food at work -- in fact, I only ate one clementine out of my "stash" because there were plenty of freebies -- co-workers brought in cheese, pepperoni, chips & dip and cookies -- no special reason, just cleaning out, I guess. It was good news for me.

I did remember to pack breakfast and lunch today.

The property managers sent out an email yesterday that the online payment site would not be up and running until next month, so I sent them my check -- $339. That was my only spending yesterday.

I would be tempted to do my January recap today, but I am going out to dinner tonight, so I can't make this a no-spend day. I will try to order something inexpensive -- or something that will provide another meal.

The brutal cold has returned, but I was warmly attired for my walk and didn't suffer too much. I briefly entertained the idea of driving, but reminded myself that there was really no reason to "spend" the gas unless it was really so cold that I absolutely couldn't walk to the already-paid-for train ride.

1 Responses to “Food Success”

  1. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    It's great that you are ahead on your payment to the landlord.

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