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Snow Country

February 27th, 2013 at 06:30 am

We really got dumped with snow yesterday, as predicted. It was pretty warm, though, and the snow was heavy and wet, and inevitably, slushy. We were dismissed early from work, but that was mostly for the benefit of the drivers, who did face bad road conditions. For me, the walk to and from the stations were quite a bit easier than some I have experienced before. Cold, blustery and slippery is a lot harder than warm, snowy and sloppy.

Since I had an extra hour at home, I made chicken with honey-mustard sauce for dinner. I also had a salad and a cup of pumpkin soup, and a glass of wine, so it felt quite festive! At about seven I noticed that I had missed a text from my DIL inviting me for dinner. Oh well. I sent her an apology and a request for a rain check. (This is my DIL who is NOT moving to Florida.)

A co-worker brought in scones for breakfast this morning. Yum! I was going to make oatmeal, but now that can wait for another day.

With February almost wrapped up, I can say it's been a pretty frugal month. I've spent less than $2000 -- I'll do the full recap tomorrow. But that is the figure in my head that I'm always trying to beat. The only thing that could happen now is that the rugs could be charged today or tomorrow -- but I have a hunch that even if they're ready they won't want to deliver in this weather.

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