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Yes, it did snow a little...

March 6th, 2013 at 06:38 am

The snowstorm that hit Chicago yesterday made for a challenging walk to the station (at one point I was in a single-file line, just following the person in front and hoping she knew where she was going)! But I had it better than those who had to drive. I made it home at my usual time, no worse for the wear.

It was a true no-spend day yesterday. Nothing went out. In fact something came in. A little loan repaid, that I had forgotten about.

I am keeping a running list of my ten items to buy when I shop on Saturday. I am already at eleven, so something will have to go. Since I have non-essentials like ice cream, wine, and pop on the list, I think it will be pretty easy!

It will not be a cheap weekend, with my brother visiting. I have made reservations at a very nice restaurant. My brother is a former chef, and he really enjoys going to independent restaurants with real chefs on duty. This will be a splurge, but a fun one. We'll also go to some local places, maybe pick up Chinese, for lunches, etc. I do not cook for my brother the chef!

Yesterday I really got started on my duties as Treasurer of my professional org. I edited and sent a PayPal code to the webmaster, so we could set up registration for a workshop. No, I don't really know how to do that, but the previous Treasurer walked me through it, and since the codes are already set up, it was just a matter of tweaking. Gave me a real sense of accomplishment, though!

I had some big challenges trying to get into the org's online banking account, but finally got the right IDs and passwords sorted out. My next challenge will be updating the balance sheet. Fun, fun.

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