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A short day

March 12th, 2013 at 06:05 am

I left work a bit early yesterday because some kind of technical problem crashed our internet, our database, and our email. That left me with pretty much nothing to do, I suppose I could have tidied up (heaven knows my desk is a mess) but I was very tired after my short night's sleep and I opted to leave early. I wasn't able to catch an earlier train, however, so I spent some time in the station reading.

I had enough energy when I got home to wash the bedding my brother had used ($3), and I think that was my only spending yesterday. Oh no, I forgot, I bought a snack at the cafeteria - $2 for some trail mix.

So a warm, rainy weekend made me think that winter was over, but today there is snow on the ground. Not much, but it definitely feels wintery today.

So, I did an unintentional grocery skip on Saturday. I was thinking I would make a run some evening, but actually, I think I can eke it out till next Saturday. That will save a little money, when so much is flowing out (the tow, the dinner, the looming taxes and rug payment).

And, speaking of rug payment -- still no rugs. I have talked to the store twice and they assure me that everything is okay and yes, they DO have my phone number! Maybe after all this time they will offer me a discount! It was supposed to be 2 or 2 1/2 weeks and I think we're looking at a month and half, at least.

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