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A couple of snowflakes for my little snowball

March 14th, 2013 at 06:26 am

I found another penny this morning in the station. That along, with $8.50 this month in Discover cashback rewards, brings my snowflake total to $137.37.

Yesterday I had a hungry, needy day. Even though I brought my breakfast and lunch, I ended up buying a muffin and a pretzel (at different times). $4.

This morning I got going late and was only able to grab a Lean Cuisine before I walked out the door. So I had to buy breakfast. I remembered that I had a $20 debit card that was payment from doing a survey, so I used that, and breakfast, a bagel from Corner Bakery, was free.

My son send me a link to Spirit Airlines touting cheap flights to Florida. Turned out they were not as cheap once I drilled down into the real information, but the real kicker was that the only Florida destination for those low fares was Fort Myers, a pretty long ride from Tampa. So I decided to pass for now, but I will keep looking.

I got an email from the Drake Hotel this morning advertising Easter Brunch. Since I do so enjoy the afternoon tea at Christmas time, I took a look. $105. Delete. (I'm sure it's very good).

Tomorrow is payday. Basically the only thing that happens on payday any more is paying my mortgage and my Discover card. Since tomorrow is a vacation day for me (and I don't do financial stuff on vacation) I will probably take care of that on Monday. Everything else comes out automatically.

It's been a long time since I've actually put any money into savings. Buying the condo, paying all the fees, paying the property taxes, buying furniture and carpeting, paying the income tax -- all that has kept me working out of my checking account and slush fund. Once the income tax is paid, and the rugs are paid for, I hope I will be back on a saving routine. I'm not saying that I've lost ground -- my net worth is remaining steady -- but I haven't gained any. I'm looking forward to squirreling it away again.

My vacation day tomorrow will be spent picking my brother up from the airport (he will drive home after picking up his car from my neighborhood), visiting my grandson at school and catching up on errands so that I can have the boys for a sleepover on Saturday night. I'm kind of longing for one of those uneventful, nothin'-happenin' weekends, but that won't happen for a while!

2 Responses to “A couple of snowflakes for my little snowball”

  1. My English Castle Says:

    Wow, $105. I had a very fun 25th birthday at the Drake, but that was 100 years ago. Is the Cape Cod Room still there?

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Maybe -- I was in a very traditionally-decorated room but I didn't notice what it was called.

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