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A long and busy weekend

March 17th, 2013 at 11:14 am

Well, I wrote a nice summary of my weekend so far, and it went kaput. So I'll try it again, composing in Word first.

Friday was a busy day – I took off from work so I could pick up my brother at the airport and then go visit my grandson for lunch at his school. Well, the airport trip was a disaster. In heavy traffic, I opted to go off the highway but went the wrong way and didn't realize it for a while. My brother and I were talking and I didn't pay attention. When I finally got back on track, we'd lost a lot of time (and saw parts of Chicago I never saw before!) So I missed the lunch – luckily, my grandson wasn't expecting me, as it was supposed to be a surprise. I'll have to try again. Maybe when I have to take time off when the rugs are delivered? If that ever happens?

I had invited my son's family over for a St. Pat's dinner that night, so it was off to the grocery store. I expected to spend $50, but spent $62 on food, $6 on candy for the office, $6 on cat food, $5 on cleanser and lunch bags, $3 on corn remover, $11 on a mop, and $7 on a little saucepan.

Dinner was Reuben sliders (made with cocktail rye and Buddig corned beef – all the briskets were more than $20!) They were actually very good, and just the right size for the grandsons. Also served potato salad and sweet potato chips (because I knew the boys wouldn't eat potato salad) – and pistachio pudding for dessert. I managed to resist all the St. Pat's come-ons from the bakery!

On Saturday, I did some laundry ($1.50), got my watch battery replaced ($10), and bought fish food at PetSmart ($20). (Having fish will balloon my vet/pet budget!) Then I went to Carters with my $10 coupon and bought a shirt for my elder grandson (big shark on the front) – for free! He will get it on his birthday or for Christmas.

In the evening the boys came over to spend the night. This time we just had peanut butter sandwiches. We played games, watched Xfinity and Netflix shows, and they gave me numerous “messages” – mostly coin rollers stuck into envelopes, all of which they pilfered from my stationery drawer. Such funny little guys. They slept well together on the sleeper sofa, but I suffered through one of my insomniac nights. I will certainly turn in early tonight.

This morning my cousin called to tell me my other son, his wife, and baby had all visited her in Florida, and she was full of praise for all of them – called specifically to let me know what good kids they were and how I had done such a good job. So nice to hear! You never know, when you are going through parenting, if you're really doing anything right at all!

Oh yes, in other news, my email was hacked, and "I" sent a message to everyone in my contacts list about a weight-loss program. I think some of you are on my list, so rest assured, I have no opinions about anyone's weight except my own!

2 Responses to “A long and busy weekend”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    A lot of hacking has been going around, and all different things.my email was hit last fall and I changed my password so hopefully that took care of it.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Yes, I changed my password, and I hope the matter is settled now. I also did a virus scan just to make sure, but it was A-OK.

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