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April 23rd, 2013 at 01:15 pm

I used my last stamp yesterday so I had it in my head to buy a new book. When I was at the downtown station, I asked if there were a place to buy stamps, thinking it would be a good use of my down time between trains. I was expecting a surcharge, but they actually charged me $13 for 20 stamps! I didn't realize until my credit card had already run. Lesson learned. Buy stamps at post office!

I really don't use them much any more, except for letters that I write to my son in Florida. I think real mail is a little more special than email.

Today I am going downtown at noon to scout out a venue for an event (for my professional organization). I'm in charge of the planning for this one, which makes me a little nervous, so I want to see this place in person. After I get to the train station I will still have a 35-minute walk -- or I can figure out how to take the El. If it doesn't pour, I will walk. I have my umbrella.

Last night I noticed that even though I had done my weekly tank cleaning the day before, there was a lot of crud floating around in the water. It occurred to me to check the filter. Gross! I cleaned it best I could, but tonight's errand is to buy a new filter. I hope it will be simple to find at PetSmart. These fish are pushing my learning curve!

3 Responses to “Gouged!”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I personally like 'real' mail, too. And my daughters wished they received more mail!

  2. JulieA Says:

    LOL - I used to say the fish were more work than a husband.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    A real letter or card is wonderful. I was very happy when our last fish died!

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