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A wet day in the big city

April 24th, 2013 at 02:08 pm

I spent yesterday afternoon in the city, much of it walking around in the rain. Why is it nothing in real life looks like it does on Google maps? I thought it was so clear and easy, but I got lost anyway. Finally made it to my appointment but about an hour late.

I did find .27 on the sidewalk.

On the other hand, I gave $5.50 to panhandlers. One was collecting to save the Hull House, the other needed change for the CTA ticket machine, so they weren't specifically panhandlers, but "unknown people on the street who need money." They were very grateful, which made it nice.

I put $5 on my CTA pass, and bought lunch for $3. After I got home I went to PetSmart and bought six filter cartridges for the aquarium, $17. Those should hold me until at least October.

This morning I got breakfast at Corner Bakery for $4. It's not so much the muffin as it is the experience. When I hit the downtown station, I've already had a walk, I'm tired, I'm hungry, I'm usually dreading the day ahead -- it's so nice to have that warm, crumbly muffin and fresh coffee on the second train. So I don't want to cut it out of my life, just save it for the days I really need it! I for sure don't want to tote my own coffee, as I already have too much to carry, but I could manage a muffin in my bag once I get into the routine of making them.

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