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April Recap and Paper Woes

April 30th, 2013 at 02:11 pm

Iíve said it before, but what a month!

Total spending this month was $5368, roughly double what I bring home. Even a bit more.

I didnít go into debt, but my savings have gone down by $3,000 since January. I guess thatís what itís there for, but I hate it. I really want to start building it up again!

Here is the breakdown:

Incomes Taxes - $2587
Furniture/Equipment/Dťcor - $1148 (mostly for new computer)
Housing - $1039 (includes more than double payment on mortgage)
Entertainment - $190 (includes subscription)
Fares - $110
Groceries - $99
Utilities - $97
Eating Out - $77
Medical/Health - $77
Gifts/Charity - $49
Vet/Pet Supplies - $38
Laundry - $23
Household Supplies - $17

Categories with ZERO this month Ė Insurance, Fees & Services, Phone, Home Repair & Maintenance, Gas, Clothing, Car Repair & Maintenance, Vacation & Travel. So there has been quite a bit of scrimping in order to pay for the big items.

In other news, I found a dime yesterday!

I also saved myself $50. I was asked to take my latest lab results to my new doctor (appointment this Saturday). My old doctorís office sent me forms to request them Ė with a $50 fee. I went through my papers last night and found the lab results that were mailed to me last year. Once I see the new doctor, his office can request my other records and I wonít have to pay the fee.

Going through my papers made me realize just how bad a mess they are in. Moving didnít help. But now I have the ďnewĒ four-drawer file cabinet (hand-me-down from my son) so I CAN get a handle on them; I just need to do it. But first I will have to invest in legal-size file folders. I didnít realize the new cabinet was legal size. Thatís good in a way Ė it will offer more room for those longer documents.

So I will have to commit to going through papers every day once I get the file folders. And I will have to return the letter size manila folders I just bought. I really hate filing, but having a roomy cabinet to put things in will really make a difference, I hope!

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  1. My English Castle Says:

    When I'm really unmotivated, I go through files and watch TV. I've even figured out that I can shred during commercials. How's that for lazy?

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