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A Morning Delay

May 30th, 2013 at 04:36 pm

When I arrived at the downtown station this morning, I saw people sitting around and heard a voice on the loudspeaker. I knew it was about my train. How can it be that EVERY time there is delay, it is my train that is affected? It just seems to defy the odds.

I was very thirsty, and I couldn't find a water fountain, so I ended up buying a lemonade for $2. At least it was large and actually had a piece of lemon in it. After I bought it, I found the water fountain, so now I know where it is, anyway.

I got a call from the furniture store. As I expected, they denied my request for reupholstering my couch. At least I tried. I am sure I will get it reupholstered at some point, but first I want to get the car repair and rugs paid off, and get the savings accounts back to more comfortable levels. I have my second property tax bill coming up, too. It seems like every month I have some $1000 bill to pay.

Meanwhile, I'll put a blanket on the seat cushions and try to find something to drape on the top where my cats like to sit. Thank goodness I found the Shark handheld vacuum which does a pretty good job.

I forgot to bring my lunch today. I do have some peanut butter in my desk, and I picked up a packet of crackers in the station, and there are treats left over from yesterday. So I might be okay.

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