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No-spend weekend

June 9th, 2013 at 04:26 pm

I'm trying for a no-spend weekend, even though, technically, I already failed. I have a prepaid phone service that loads $50 every time the balance goes under $5.00. Well, that happened, so I spend another $50 without trying. It's getting to be more and more of a challenge to meet that big Discover bill. At least it will close in a few days and can't get any bigger.

I also admit I spent $1.50 doing laundry, but since I have a separate stash of quarters that I tap for laundry, it's not going to affect my Discover challenge.

I didn't feel great yesterday, so I stretched out on the couch for most of the day. I watched three movies -- Doctor Zhivago, Before Sunset, and part of Camelot. I didn't get through Camelot because my son asked me to come over and babysit the kids while they had an evening out. I was feeling better, and since it was only a matter of entertaining them for an hour and putting them to bed, I agreed. Then I stretched out again and read.

When I got home and got to bed, I had debilitating pain in my hips and knees, which was odd, since I hadn't done anything. Maybe my joints are worse when I DON'T do anything. Anyway, I got up and took some Advil and eventually drifted off. I did have a vivid dream that someone came into my front door, and I realized that I had left it unlocked. Then when I looked over the person carefully, I realized it was most likely a monkey. Odd, no? It seemed so real.

I intended to make a batch of muffins today, but I don't have enough eggs. I had a biscuit and cheese for breakfast, and then later on snacked on granola without milk -- because I'm out of milk. Yet my pantry is full and I'm not going to starve. I just have to focus on what I have. I COULD go grocery shopping -- I have cash, and there is a little gas left in the car. (Don't I sound pitiful?) I just want to ride it out, make do, in the good old-fashioned Yankee way.

This morning I put another load of laundry in -- mostly because the sheets need to be changed. I'll actually just put the same set back on, since it's my favorite -- high thread count, nice and soft.

I have another tough week coming up. I have to work at a golf outing, which will really lengthen my day, as my duty doesn't start till 4. Taking the train on that day will be difficult, as I will have to get a ride to the course (miles away) and then get a ride back to the station afterwards. Then I will have to deal with the evening train schedule, which can mean an hour wait in one station or the other -- or, horrors, both!

So I'm thinking, maybe the best thing to do with the cash I have is to put it in the tank, and drive on that day.

The other difficult thing this week is that the workshop that I'm organizing will take place on Thursday. I have a lot of last-minute details to pin down, and the day will be stressful, because I will feel responsible for every little hitch in the day. I shouldn't get myself into things like this. I'm also stressed out about getting there -- it's downtown, and not in easy walking distance of the train station. I can take the rapid transit instead, which would get me closer, but I'm relatively unfamiliar with it. Or I can drive, but I would have to find parking. Stress, stress!

Oh, and there is a third difficult thing. I have a meeting tomorrow with the boss who scares the patootie out of me, and I already know she is put out with me -- for doing exactly what she said instead of what she wishes she had said -- oh, I get so tired of this.

Retirement, where are you? Why are you still two years away????

3 Responses to “No-spend weekend”

  1. snafu Says:

    {{{Hugs}}} for a difficult week.

    I'd vote for taking the car for extended day with golf outing. I hope you get paid over-time or start four hours later or time in lieu. Would it be possible to get the info you need for Thursday's Rapid Transit option on-line? Having written instruction helps. Deep breaths needed for Boss who says one thing and wishes she had given other directions. That type of boss is worse than the those that yell in frustration.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    What a wild dream! Hope your meeting goes better than you expect and that you feel better.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    Meeting is over, and it went just fine.

    That dream -- somehow I find the most disturbing dreams are the ones that seem just like real life, except with one completely jarring element!

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