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June 14th, 2013 at 09:09 pm

Well, I'm really low on groceries, so I didn't pack a lunch this morning. At lunchtime I took a walk to a nearby restaurant and got a sandwich and fruit cup to go. I was unfamiliar with their menu, so the sandwich I got was way bigger than I expected. I did finish it, but didn't touch the fruit cup. I'll take that home for dinner. It was a little pricey, too - $10. But I've had a lot of free meals lately, so I won't complain.

I got a call from my BFF that she is coming up to Chicago with her son, DIL, and granddaughters to visit the Field Museum tomorrow. So I'm going to take my grandsons and we'll make a day of it. Which reminds me, I'd better buy tickets! They won't be cheap -- not like the old days, when you could go to the museum for $5.

I got flowers today! The board sent them to me in thanks for organizing the workshop. I was so surprised and thrilled! But now I have to figure out how to take them home on the train, because I'm sure not leaving them in the office all weekend.

I have enough to pay my Discover card now, once I get paid and get my disbursement from TIAA-CREF. As long as nothing else sabotages my checking account. I can't think what -- surely there can't be any more surprises, but you never know.

I'm going to go get more gift cards from the grocery store -- one for my DIL's birthday, and one for me to buy socks and stuff at Kohl's. I'll get another $20 coupon -- that will make $60 in free groceries. Just have to make sure to use the coupons by their (short) expiration dates.

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