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Cooler, but not that much....

July 22nd, 2013 at 07:56 am

Although it was cooler this weekend, we didn't get quite the break I was hoping for. Temps remained in the mid-80's with high humidity. That made it HOT in my second-floor condo, so I ran the air conditioners most of the weekend. I turned them off each morning, but each day heated up way beyond my comfort level.

I tried to keep up on my chores, but I was moving slowly. I did a lot of reading, since I can't really watch TV with the air conditioners on, because of the noise level. Maybe if I had new air conditioners they wouldn't be so noisy, but I am using the ones that came with the condo, and while they do work, they look as though they have some years on them.

Well, it sounds like we have one more hot day, and then a true cold front. I can hardly wait.

My spending this weekend was $62 on groceries, $5 on kitty litter, and $179 for a doctor's bill. I also spent $3 on laundry, and I have another two loads to do tonight.

On Sunday I decided to make crockpot Stroganoff, so I invited my son's family over to help me eat it. It turned out pretty well, but I used cream cheese instead of sour cream and it really didn't blend in very well. I wonder if plain yogurt would work?

I also made a fruit salad and celery & carrot sticks with a homemade yogurt dip, to make the dinner a little more summery! After dinner we all played Yahtzee, except for the littlest GS, who sat on my lap to supervise the game. It was a good evening.

Today I'm wearing a pair of pants I bought at Goodwill a few weeks ago. I couldn't pass them up, because they were L.L. Bean black pants in good condition, and the right size. But at the time I thought, I don't really need black pants right now ... but I'll never find them again at this price! I'm so glad I bought them! They fit perfectly and feel great! I will get a lot of use out of them. And they are not as dressy as my other black pants, so they do fulfill a somewhat different role in my wardrobe. I hope the "new" white capris will turn out to be as good a buy.

I love Goodwill!

1 Responses to “Cooler, but not that much....”

  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I love Yahtzee! Smile Of course, I think I love just about any game...

    Goodwill definitely can be a great resource. I found so many good books to add to the school library - all were between $.50 - $2! Sweet! I'd love to find a pair of black dressy pants - my 3 pairs are starting to show their age. It was one thing I was looking for this summer, but haven't found a pair that works yet.

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