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This and That

July 23rd, 2013 at 07:18 am

Yesterday's spending -- I bought my train pass ($105), did a load of laundry ($1.50).

Today's spending (so far) -- $9.20 for stamps. I brought my breakfast and lunch today, so I hope there will be no more spending.

I got a notice from my property management company that they will add a lawyer's fee to the assessment this month. That's because the lawyer successfully lowered our property taxes, so we are all still coming out ahead. My portion of the fee is $98. (Shoulda been a lawyer -- there are more than 30 units in the building.)

I scheduled my CT scan for tomorrow. I am watching an adrenal nodule that was discovered when I had my appendectomy. I think I've had three tests so far, and there has been no change. I'm supposed to do the scan every six months, but this time I have let things slide and it's been closer to a year. If there is still no change this time I'm going to discuss with my doctor how often I really need to get this done, because even after insurance it is still pretty expensive.

I will have to remember to drive tomorrow so I will have transportation to the hospital. It will be a street cleaning day, so that will work out well -- I won't have to figure out a safe place to park!

I still have to figure out how I will get my TDAP and shingles vaccines.

And I will have another doctor's appointment in a few weeks to follow up on my bronchitis. I'm still coughing, though it does seem to be slowly diminishing.

I am still battling the heat, but today promises to be cooler. I ran the air conditioners yesterday only after work and through the night. I turned them off again this morning. It will probably be stinky hot again when I get home, but I just can't see running them all day when I'm not even home, unless it's over 90. Because I have the cats to think about, though they seem to be doing fine. I give them lots of fresh water, and they seem to enjoy lolling around on the tile floor in the bathroom.

3 Responses to “This and That”

  1. snafu Says:

    Does your country offer vaccination clinics? Can Walgreens pharmacist offer suggestions for less expensive vaccinations? Can it be combined with upcoming Dr. visit? Have you explored whether this service is available at Nurse Practitioner in your community? Does your employer offer once-a-year 'Vaccination Clinic' with voluntary participation. Should limit absenteeism from illness as benefit to employer

  2. CB in the City Says:

    My problem is living and working in different communities. It's hard to get to the doctor without having to take a lot of time off work. I think I can do Walgreens for the shingles shot, if my insurance will cover it (that's the question I have to pursue). The TDAP seems to be more problematical. I have to make an appointment in my doctor's office (but with the nurse) and the hours are limited.

    My employer offers flu shots, but nothing else.

  3. another cb Says:

    I got the TDAP at a drugstore. Ask at Walgreen's about that too. (Insurance covered it.)Good luck! I did need a form like a prescription for it, I think.

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