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The Stupid Tax, Again

July 30th, 2013 at 06:44 am

Yesterday it was a little brisk, so I wore a jacket. I stuck my train pass in the jacket pocket, and there it still is, hanging on a chair in my dining room. I realized it when I was on the train this morning. Luckily, the conductors on both legs recognized me and did not demand payment. But the trip back is much more crowded and the conductors may or may not know me. So for insurance, I bought a ten-ride pass for $47. (Cheaper per ride than daily tickets). It is not a bad thing to have, for when I have company. And I'm already planning to do train rides as part of my grandsons' birthdays. Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, here!

It's especially ironic that I did this because I went to such lengths to save such a little bit of money yesterday. I walked from the station to the grocery store to return the Redbox DVD, and then walked home, so I wouldn't have to use the gas. Well, it was also some extra exercise on a lovely day. And I got to gawk at big houses in new-to-me neighborhoods.

And I found two cents.

I'm emailing back and forth with my friend in Hyde Park; we may go to the Art Institute this weekend. It's free for me as a BofA customer -- just on the first weekend of the month. If she can't make it this weekend we'll go the first weekend of September. I love the Art Institute and haven't been there in six or seven years. Hoping it works out!

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