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It's Pay Day!

August 15th, 2013 at 03:12 pm

More exciting than it's been in a while, because I actually have $300 to put into savings instead of everything being already spent.

I also sent $380 extra to my mortgage.

Last night the kids brought over my new train bag. It's so cool! Light, waterproof, with lots of pockets and dividers, and it's RED! It's also a shoulder bag, which will make it easier to carry. And the top zips shut -- an important factor. With my old bag, I couldn't shut out the rain.

Yesterday we had an ice cream social on campus. I skipped lunch -- not on purpose -- so the afternoon sundae was very welcome. On Monday, which is our kickoff day for the new school year, we will get a free buffet breakfast and a picnic lunch. Fabulous!

The weather is beautifully cool, making the walk to the station comfortable, and no air conditioning needed at home.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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