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Monday Morning Check-In

August 26th, 2013 at 02:49 pm

As always, it was a weekend that went way too fast.

On Saturday night, my grandsons slept over. Well, they slept; I didn't. There was a lot of moving around; let's just say it was musical beds.

My fatigue on Sunday, as well as the heat, made it difficult to do the things I had planned. For instance, I was supposed to bake for a work party today, but I didn't, so I ended up spending $14 on muffins on the way to work. I was planning to make lasagna -- that didn't happen either.

On Saturday morning, before the kids came, I went to Home Depot and spent $20 on single-edge blades, felt pads, and command strips. Then I went to PetSmart and spent $29 on cat food and aquarium supplies.

Finally, it was off to the grocery, where I bought two rolls of quarters, and made my ten selections. It was really hard this week. I ended up with:

Granola Bars
Almond Milk
Cottage Cheese
Cream Cheese
Green Pepper
Grand Total: $31

As I said, I was planning on making lasagna, but a quick look at the ground beef convinced me it was going to be meatless. And then it didn't get made! But I'll still try to assemble it this week, even if I can only do one step each night.

Other meals I have on tap are egg salad sandwiches, and chicken sandwiches (enough for two nights each); and in the freezer I have stirfry, pizza, and carrot soup.

Plus I have $15 toward an entree at BRAVO. I'm hoping they will let me just box it up and take it home.

Part of my Saturday routine has become using up or somehow processing all the perishables in the fridge. This week I had a cantaloupe which was unpleasantly hard and tasteless. I cut it into slivers and made a slaw with mayonnaise and dried cranberries -- still have two servings of that, and it's great! I also cooked and consumed my green beans.

I did only one load of laundry this weekend. I'm trying to wear my pj's two nights in a row. I love to wear fresh pj's but even I have to admit it's creating too much laundry.

I still had a free Redbox coupon from my McDonalds Monopoly adventure, so I rented The Call on Sunday afternoon. It was very good in the first half; kind of fell into cliched movie horror flick at the end, but I did enjoy it for free.

While the kids were at my house, I opened a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. They're too young to really help, but it encouraged them to open their puzzles and work on them. I've completed the border -- filling in all the rest will provide for some entertainment this week! I forgot how much I liked jigsaw puzzles. This was a freebie, too. Got it from my work "library" and will return it when I finish it.

So, on to today. I drove today. Not only did I have to pick up treats, but I have a package to mail, and I just can't handle all that on the train. I will make the drive worth my while. I brought a bag for Goodwill, and I will get my hair cut at my "old" place, as well as get gas and a car wash.

This is the last week I can park on campus, as my sticker will expire. My new sticker will only allow parking at the free lots off campus, but then again, they're free! A $100 annual savings right there.

Last night I was feeling a little ticked that I had to drive around the block to find a space to park. I reminded myself that I was saving $60 a month, by letting my parking space go, and a few circles around the block sure weren't going to kill me!

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