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No Spending Day

September 20th, 2013 at 03:03 pm

Yesterday was a no-spending day, not really planned, just happened!

And I made $3 from Pine Cone.

I've been checking daily to see if my mortgage check was cashed and was starting to get a little concerned...finally today I found the sealed envelope in my bag; guess I meant to stamp and mail and never did! Luckily, I pay about a half-month ahead of time, so it will still get there before the deadline.

I really do need to get that payment automated, but I like to have the freedom to add as much as I want to the basic payment. I more than doubled my payment this time, as I usually do.

I got the luxury of a free ride home from the station last night -- a very late train forced me to take a train that didn't stop at my station. An acquaintance who also rides my route had the same problem, and he was without his phone, so couldn't tell his wife. I loaned him my phone, and when his wife came, they gave me a ride home! That saved me two miles of walking!

Yesterday I was peeved because I had to throw out my yogurt lunch which was too old to risk eating. Funny how things work out -- there was a TON of cheese, crackers, and fruit left over from a reception, so I didn't have to buy a lunch after all. In fact, there was still some this morning and I had a free breakfast, too.

Tomorrow I'm going downtown to meet a friend for lunch and visit the Art Institute. She is very kindly taking me as a guest, but I still have to pay for lunch. I've budgeted $20. I'm planning to use my regular train ticket (which will force me to walk a little, but that's okay). So I think $20 will be adequate for the day. I haven't been there in a while and I'm really looking forward to the special impressionism exhibit.

Then on Sunday we are celebrating my grandson's 4th birthday. My gifts are bought; just a matter of wrapping now.

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  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Sounds like your karma is good this week. About time, too!

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