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A No-Spend Day

October 15th, 2013 at 05:47 pm

Logged a no-spend day yesterday, and found a penny besides!

Today is payday, and I transferred $200 into savings. I double-paid my mortgage and then rounded up to $700. (Yes, that's how low my mortgage payment is!)

My Discover bill was under $700, something of a record!

I added $70 to my checking account -- I had subtracted a PayPal charge that actually came out of my credit card instead of my bank account. So I am no money ahead, but it kind of feels like it!

I will probably not be buying a plane ticket for my sister's birthday, but I will send her some money. She can decide how to use it. It may be kind of small Thanksgiving, because it's likely that my Florida son will not be able to come either.

Both of my sons are affected by the government shutdown. One is not working -- the other, I found out today, cannot get certified to train flyers until his test is officially graded. So he is basically not working either. I'm afraid so much productivity has been lost because of this little stunt. I hope a resolution is reached soon!

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