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I'm Not Supposed to Be Here!

October 31st, 2013 at 01:32 pm

I was supposed to take today off, so I could go to the dentist and trick-or-treat with the grandsons.

Well, I'm still going to do both, but will work, too. My boss is on a two-week leave of absence; one of my colleagues is on vacation, and another just told us yesterday that she is going to spend the day in the hospital today while her mother is having surgery.

That leaves me the only admin; and we can't all be gone at the same time. What if some data blows up?

So I'm going to work until 2, so I can be home in time for the trick-or-treating. And I'll walk to the dentist's appointment at 11 -- not so happy that it's raining, though. It's about a 20-minute walk. I decided not to drive because 1) it's raining, 2) the free lot is so far away, and in the opposite direction of the dentist, and 3) you can never count on traffic moving, but the train is mostly on time. And 4) it costs to drive, but the train ride is already paid for.

I hope it will be quiet.

My only spending yesterday was some candy at CVS - $5. I am going to give my grandsons little treat bags (as if they won't get enough already!)Smile Plus, I'll have a little bit on hand just in case trick-or-treaters come to my door after I get home. Unlikely, but possible.

I heard a crash in the night last night -- loud enough to wake me up and get me up to investigate. I found nothing. So perhaps it was outside, or in another unit? An All-Hallow's eve "bump in the night?"

I made the pork cutlet dinner last night, and there's enough pork left for a sandwich for tomorrow's lunch. Yay!

My BFF verified she will arrive on Saturday morning. I think I will table the seafood lasagna for another time. I'm already stressed thinking of the stuff I have to do before she gets here. If we end up eating at home, I'll make grilled cheese or something simple.

1 Responses to “I'm Not Supposed to Be Here!”

  1. Looking Forward Says:

    Enjoy your time with your grandkids tonight and BFF this weekend.

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