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November 1st, 2013 at 06:42 am

What a day it was yesterday! First of all, it was good that I was at work, because my comment about data blowing up turned out to be true -- there was a mistake in a report that was already sent out to the donors (not my mistake). I was the only one around to handle it. I couldn't correct it, but I could figure out who could help. It's all resolved now, except for re-sending it to donors -- hope I won't have to do that; I expect the project's manager will be back in the office today.

I had a good dentist's visit. After confessing in the chair that I had been terrible about flossing, the hygienist said, "Your gums look great -- but get back on track, okay?" Next time I won't confess so fast -- of course, I'm going to be better, so will have nothing to confess.

I got a ride to the dentist from a co-worker, but it was clear enough afterwards to walk back.

I left at 3 to get back for trick-or-treating. It was raining to beat the band, and I got soaked on the walk to my place. Quickly changed shoes and jacket and met up with the kids. One grandson was already crying because he had left his treat bag behind. The other was soon crying because he fell down and got his hands muddy. Eventually we figured out that the little one was running a fever. The rain continued and we were all soggy. There were some good moments but overall it was a pretty dismal Halloween.

We made a quick stop at a friend's house for chili, then got the boys home so they could sleep it off.

It was a no-spend day.

Today I got up and realized I had no breakfast to pack. There is oatmeal at work, but at the station I felt too hungry to wait and succumbed to a sausage biscuit at McDonald's along with a cup of coffee. ($2)

I'm so excited that today I get to do my October recap AND do the monthly Treasurer's report for my professional org! What glee!

And a found a penny this morning, so all systems are go!

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