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The Trip

November 25th, 2013 at 11:01 am

I returned home from my Florida trip yesterday afternoon. Overall, I had a wonderful time -- precious visits with family, lots of time for talking, and playing games. Lots of interaction with my beautiful granddaughter.

I also came home dead tired. I never slept well the whole time -- sometimes I was sharing a bed, sometimes it was just that I wasn't in my own bed -- and sometimes I was in too much pain to sleep. My legs are giving me fits. I think I have a combination of bursitis, inflammation in the joints, and an unhappy sciatic nerve. Of course, I will have no time to go to the doctor before the Thanksgiving trip in two days. Luckily, I have some good pain pills left over from another painful episode.

My spending was not too terribly bad, considering. The flight was $281, taxi $31, food $122, gas $84, hotel $111. No rental car fee, as my brother took care of that while I took care of the hotel. I spent $60 on flowers but my siblings gave me too much of their share, so I ended up spending nothing for them, essentially.

My son helped with cleaning out my uncle's room in his assisted living facility, and was given two nice pieces of cherry furniture, a set of dishes, and a grandfather clock. AND, he will inherit my uncle's car. So nice to see how much the family likes him. And since he is just starting out, and the rest of us are downsizing, he was the perfect person to take on the family heirlooms.

I took just a few mementos -- my favorite, a jar of old marbles.

Now it's a short week and another trip, this one a driving trip. Woo-eee. Wish I could have spread out the joy, but that's how it is.

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