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Thanksgiving Preparations

November 27th, 2013 at 06:20 am

I've definitely decided I'm not driving tonight. I'll get up early in the morning for the three-hour trip. Weather and traffic aside, daylight driving is better!

Last night I went to PetSmart for the fish feeder -- only $3 for a package of two 3-day pellets and one 7-day pellet. Hope they like it. I also cleaned the tank so the fish are good to go.

Also went to Aldi, since it was right next door to PetSmart. Spent $32 there on two bottles of wine, a big jar of cashews, a box of chocolate truffles, two packages of dried beef and a loaf of bread. For my son's birthday (Thanksgiving Day) I'm making his favorite entree, the ultra-frugal chipped beef on toast. Did I raise him right, or what? Smile

Also spent $4 at McDonalds for dinner, since it was late, and there was no food at home. I'm looking forward to getting re-stocked once I'm home again for good.

It is brutally cold today. The walk to the station and to work was painful. Hoping that the weekend will be warmer, even though I will be farther north!

1 Responses to “Thanksgiving Preparations”

  1. laura Says:

    Happy and safe travels! We thought yesterday walking around Chicago was a bit nippy. Glad I'm in flannel right now. Stay warm!

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