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A Little Warmer

December 12th, 2013 at 07:47 am

Despite the temps dipping to single digits and wind chill below zero, I had a warmer night. The radiators are working, just not getting hot. I was comfortable on the couch with a throw over me, and when I went to bed I added a heavy comforter that I don't ordinarily use. It was really warm -- I slept well.

The walk in did not feel terrible despite the temperature. But I think it was a good thing I wasn't out in it too long.

Tomorrow I drive to work -- party afterwards, so I need wheels. I'll have to buy gas when I get to my work town, and I hate the thought of pumping in ice-cold weather. Why is it that standing beside a gas pump always seems to be the coldest place on earth?

Tonight I need to make a dessert for the party. I'm thinking brownies, but I'm low on butter. Does anyone know if you can successfully combine butter and oil in a brownie recipe?

Just paid my semi-annual insurance - $215.

Tomorrow is payday. Looks like I'll be able to transfer $350 to savings. At Christmas time! Woo hoo!

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