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Back in Action

January 8th, 2014 at 08:27 am

Back to work today! It was a cold walk to the station, but not terrible, and the temperature is starting to climb. All the walks were plowed; the only challenging part was climbing over the mountains of snow at every corner.

I took the train yesterday evening to the parking garage one stop north where I picked up my car. No incidents to report -- the gates were still up, the drive was fine. I let the car warm up for a long time before I started out. I found a parking place on the street that was nicely cleared out. Of course, if it snows again, we start all over again!

Today I have my first freebies to report. The break room is full of food. I took a scone, which I will save for tomorrow's breakfast, and an apple. Then our secretary insisted I try some cookies she brought in.

I just spoke to a Discover agent and learned I was approved for the new card. It should arrive in a few days. That will earn a $150 bonus for $750 in spending -- if memory serves. I also got another card from Chase offering a $125 bonus for opening an account. I might just do it. I'll have to read it over carefully, but it doesn't look like they are asking for direct deposit.

I need to buy a ticket to Florida, but I'm going to try to hold off until the new cycle on the credit card. I can pay it in full IF I don't put anything new on it. I just hope the fares don't jump between now and then.

Well, as much as I enjoyed my days burrowing inside, it's good to be out and about in the world again. My office is definitely warmer than home, too! But home will be warmer once I get those air conditioners out of the windows and stop the draft. What a big mistake that was, to leave them in. I took them down last year, but it's so much work, and I hate to have to ask my son to do it. Lesson learned.

1 Responses to “Back in Action”

  1. latestart Says:

    My co worker in the next office is always warm so he did not have maintenance remove his air conditioner. You can bet he bugged them today and it was removed. What a difference. Is there anyway you could tack up a blanket around the air conditioner to try to keep the cold air contained.

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