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Working From Home

February 6th, 2014 at 05:46 pm

It's at the zero mark again. And last night I had to clean two feet of snow off my car so I could move it before they plow today. That was after a perilous walk home, climbing snow mountains at every curb, hoping upon hope that I wouldn't fall and twist my knee.

So I am working from home today. I am getting just as much done, and more. It's crazy how much time I spend getting to work, when all I have to do is open my computer! But I can't push the "working from home" envelope too far. I save it only for days when the weather is truly nasty.

I had a nice surprise when I looked at my bank account today. My refund has already arrived! Woo-hoo! That means as soon as I get paid, I can pay my property tax in full. Pay day will happen while I'm in Florida, so it will probably be a few days after that.

I spent nothing yesterday.

The woman who administers our voucher program told me that we may not get vouchers for the train tickets any more. That would mean $30 more a month out of my budget for the monthly pass. I'm bummed. $30 is a lot to make up somewhere else.

The college had another financial open meeting yesterday. They talked mostly about changes in tuition remission (which doesn't affect me at all) and changes in retirement contributions. Basically they were saying that they may tie the college's retirement contribution to the employee's contribution. That is, if you contribute 5%, the college will contribute 8% -- something like that. But if you don't contribute yourself, the college contributes nothing as well. I was shocked to learn that currently the majority do not contribute anything at all to their own retirement! I always have, so there will be little impact on me. In fact, none, since they won't enact this until 2016 -- after I'm gone.

3 Responses to “Working From Home”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I'm working from home too! The cold alone, or my slight sickly feeling alone, wouldn't have been enough to keep me home, but combined, they made getting to work seem insurmountable.

    I hope we don't have a winter like this for a very long time. At least the kids are young enough that they don't have really vivid memories of how awesome it is to not be cooped up and bundled up all the time. And even they are sick of this winter.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Great news about the refund!

  3. Looking Forward Says:

    Glad you stayed home and safe. Smile

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