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Weekend Spending and Cat Litter Review

February 24th, 2014 at 03:18 pm

My weekend spending took me over my $300 challenge. I spent $35 at the grocery store, $32 at PetSmart, and $2 for a drink from a drive-through (I was parched). I am only over by about $10, which is about the cost of the gravel cleaner I got at PetSmart. I could have waited on that, but since time is more scarce than money right now, I decided to get it while I was there at PetSmart -- and I needed to buy cat litter and fish food.

I could say that the $30 I spent on a donation was a work-related expense, since it went toward an office gift, but I counted it because, in truth, it was a gift in memory of a friend's daughter, not just an office gift to me.

The memorial service was lovely and moving. I had the special thrill of hearing that the very words I had written to the mother were shared in her eulogy as something that gave her a bit of comfort in her despair. That is so meaningful to me. You never know when you are going to make a difference, however small.

This morning I had trouble waking up, and I had to change the cat litter, so my morning routine was shortened. I didn't have time to pack food. I had a granola bar in my desk, and I have oatmeal for later. That probably won't hold me, though. I have a decision to make whether to go hungry or break the terms of my challenge -- even though, in a sense, I've already failed.

Speaking of cat litter, I promised I would offer a review of Nature's Miracle Easy Care Crystals. Here it is. It's more expensive. One 8-lb. bag does not last quite a month for my two cats, and it costs $15. It does offer superior odor control until the crystals get saturated, at which point you have to change the litter. Cleaning out the used litter is not easy. I was glad I have an extra pan so I could put it into use while the other pan soaks. It does not track nearly as badly as clay litter, and it is not at all dusty. It is very easy to scoop out the poop and stir the crystals on a daily basis. In summary, I like it well enough that I bought another bag, but I do wish it were a bit cheaper.

1 Responses to “Weekend Spending and Cat Litter Review”

  1. bluesfemme Says:

    Superior odour control would be worth a few bucks to me Big Grin Can you visit the Nature's miracle website and see if they have coupons or specials for those on the mailing list?

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