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Monday Yackety-Yak

March 17th, 2014 at 04:16 pm

I found three pennies this morning, in three different places! I felt like that was my reward for getting up and getting out very much against my will. I had a very bad sleepless night; finally got up at 4:30. I ended up walking to the station early and then sitting out in the cold because the building was locked. I'm drained and exhausted today but I should sleep well tonight.

I did not have to work on Saturday, as I previously reported. My boss acknowledged that it was ridiculous for me to travel three hours to in order to work one or two. So Saturday was my errand day and clean-up day. I bought kitty litter at PetSmart ($16), groceries at Jewel ($27) and then I made a stop at Bed, Bath & Beyond for a little cart to haul my groceries upstairs. I had all but decided to get one that cost $50 after looking online, but when I saw them in person, I opted for the smaller $25 version. Granted, it will probably be less sturdy, but the bigger one just seemed too big and bulky for what I need. I tested it out immediately with the groceries I'd bought. Pulling it upstairs was a little awkward, but definitely easier on my knee.

On Sunday I made Reuben sandwiches for my son's family, and we played games afterward. It's becoming a tradition for me to make Reubens on St. Patrick's Day -- or the weekend day closest to it! And they turned out really good this year. I used marble rye bread, which made them pretty. Now I have lots of sauerkraut to use up! I'm thinking there is such a thing as sauerkraut soup, no? Or maybe I'll eat it as a side with Polish sausage.

I also made potato salad from scratch, which I rarely do. I used up some celery, carrot and onion and threw in a couple of hard-boiled eggs. It was really good, too.

I didn't have phone service for much of the day yesterday. I kept getting a message about the mobile network being down, or something like that. Never had that before! I haven't tried today, but I hope it's working again.

It was frustrating, because I saw something on Facebook I wanted to verify -- apparently my brother is moving, after many, many years in the same house, the house where we always have Thanksgiving and family reunions -- and not a word to me! I want the story, but I haven't been able to call him. And when I tried to email him, I realized that the only email address I have is his work email -- and he retired on March 1! And then I looked at his wife's email, and HERS was her work email -- and she's at a different job! So basically, they are off of my radar.

Then I read an email from my cousin, who knows ALL ABOUT the move, had a long talk with him, yada yada yada. What? Am I chopped liver?

I think my long work/commute hours are taking a toll on my private life. I am too tired to keep up with the busy social lives of others, and I think everyone is starting to forget about me!

My $300 challenge is floundering. I have only $8 left. What has thrown it off was a memorial gift (in honor of my friend who died of brain cancer) and the purchase of the cart. If I really HAD to I could have forgone both. But I didn't want to, and I do have the money. This is just a good reminder of how quickly $300 can be racked up!

I'll try to be extra careful the rest of the month, but I doubt that I will come in under $8!

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  1. snafu Says:

    Ready glad you didn't have to work Saturday. Cabbage is one of the healthiest vegetables full of antioxidants and an astonishing amount of research to verify it's benefit of avoiding various cancers. s Sauerkraut is merely pickled cabbage so it's easily converted into coleslaw. It's goes great mixed with left over mashed potato and makes dinner type pancakes. Try searching I've not made it but I think I saw bacon, potato, cabbage soup.

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