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Free Coffee

April 10th, 2014 at 05:35 am

I'm sitting here with my free coffee from McDonald's. I've actually gotten it three times during their promotion. It saves me from having to use one of my Keurig cups. I feel a little embarrassed to go through the drive-thru and just ask for one free item, but it's their promotion, right?

I did not do the state taxes last night, as I got home too late and tired. It will be a good weekend task.

The only decluttering I did was to box up another box of books and mail it to my sister.

What I did last night was go to a good-bye party for a colleague. She got kind of a raw deal -- she's an interim director but was told not to apply for the permanent position, since they already had someone in mind. So she quit. Seems to me it's not really legal to tell someone not to apply. Anyone can apply, am I right?

Anyway, she has behaved with a lot of class. I think she is happy to be re-inventing her life and getting away from the toxic atmosphere here. Sad, but true.

I spent $5 for pot roast nachos which I counted as my dinner. The glass of wine I ordered was picked up by the office account.

I spent $6 to mail the package to my sister.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in day. I'm going to do it once a week only, on Fridays. I hope I will see at least a small loss. (The pot roast nachos, while sounding like a splurge, was a half-order and was within my calorie limit for the day.) (Oh. And they were delicious!)

I think I will try to declutter my work desk today, unless there are fires to put out.

Five more days to pay day, which is only exciting to me because I get to make a transfer to savings! I'm expecting to transfer $1,000 this month.

1 Responses to “Free Coffee”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Friday is my weigh in day, too. I did peek at my weight this morning. If it stays as is I will be pleased. Good job on getting those books boxed up and mailed. That counts!! I hope your desk decluttering goes well, too.

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