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Lazy Friday

April 19th, 2014 at 01:14 pm

Well, I had a pretty lazy Friday at home. I relaxed more than I worked, but I did get a few things done -- a load of laundry, replaced some bulbs in kitchen ceiling (which required a ladder, so I'd been putting it off), loaded and unloaded dishwasher, made French onion soup, cleaned the aquarium, and took out the trash.

Today I'm going to grocery shop and run a few other errands. I need to go to PetSmart, and I need to find something to use as Easter baskets for the grandsons. I thought I had some stashed away, but apparently I used them last year! I also need to wash my comforter, which is too bulky for the washers downstairs, so I need to find a decent Laundromat.

On Thursday night I stopped at Kohl's to use the rest of my Kohl's cash. I bought a skirt and a pair of pants for my granddaughter. They go with the two tops I bought last week. So it was $20 in full for both outfits. Not bad. When my sons were young, I tried to limit myself to $10 per outfit, and prices have soared since then.

My next-door neighbors have listed their condo for $165,000. This is VERY comparable to my condo -- not only the same layout, but the same level of upgrading. The only thing they have that I don't is a washer/dryer unit. I don't think they will get full price, but it will be interesting to see what it does sell for. Right now I'm still figuring the value of my condo as $111,000, which is what I paid, but I'll change it to whatever their place brings, and, hopefully, my net worth will rise!

4 Responses to “Lazy Friday”

  1. Kiki Says:

    Can you also add a washer/dryer in your condo or is it not set up for that?

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I am allowed to add a washer/dryer, but there is no hookup. I would have to figure out where to put it so that there is a water source and a place to vent. So far I haven't figured that out! I'm really curious about where my neighbor has managed to install a unit!

  3. Kiki Says:

    I am as well. Especially with your knee problem i'd be trying to figure that out to save the trips up and down. If they do an open house look and see where they did it. Perhaps the same area also available in yours?

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Yep, I've been waiting for an open house! I guess I could just knock on the door and ask, but I hesitate to intrude.

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