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'Twas a Happy Easter

April 21st, 2014 at 03:53 pm

Such a nice day. I shared egg-hunting and basket-opening with the grandsons, went out to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch, and had a great traditional Easter meal prepared by my DIL.

My weekend spending: $1.50 for laundry, $6 at a garage sale (muffin tin and candles), $16 for kitty litter, $10 for Easter stuff, $25 for groceries, $6 for fish food, $20 for lunch. I also paid my phone bill - $50 - and my Comcast bill - $74.

Decluttering/Organizing: I moved my shoes from the hall closet to my bedroom closet (still need to get an organizer that will fit). I started working my spring/summer clothes back into the closet from storage. I think I will do that a little at a time rather than all at once, as the weather is still iffy. I got rid of some wine glasses. I moved my wooden spoons into a French jelly jar to sit on the countertop. (Working on decluttering a utensil drawer that's a challenge.) That's all I did on top of the errands and the holiday doings. Oh, and hosting dinner on Saturday evening -- Hawaiian chicken on rice, nothing left but rice!

Going into a meeting soon where the "big changes" at work will be revealed at last.

I was planning to stop at a laundromat tonight to wash my oversize comforter, but I forgot the quarters -- and I need to go to son's house tonight to pick up the doggy bag I left in their fridge, anyway. So I will do that tomorrow, as well as drop off the Goodwill items. Oh, and I will get gas. My third fill-up this month, I believe.

My DIL graciously gave me the hambone and plentiful ham scraps from the Easter dinner, which I will use to make split pea soup. Probably not till the weekend, but I'm already excited. An easy dinner and I love it!

We are planning a trip to Tulip Time in Holland, Michigan, in a few weeks. We will stay with my brother, so it shouldn't be too expensive. Hoping the boys will enjoy tulips and Dutch dancers!

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  1. doingitallwrong Says:

    Hope the work changes are in your favor! I just printed off some Tulip Festival information for my boss this morning -- they have a *ton* of stuff going on during Tulip Time!

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