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Found six cents

May 2nd, 2014 at 08:58 am

Well, my first walk to the station in a month netted me .06 in change on the ground!

My only spending yesterday was $2 toward a birthday cake at work.

And I lost another two pounds when I weighed in this morning! (I'm not losing that fast. I think my scale is a little wacky. But I'll take it.)

I decided not to visit my friend in Indiana this weekend. Her granddaughter is in a dance recital, and that would take up a chunk of her Saturday. I'd rather go when we are both fancy-free.

That leaves me free to go to a big rummage sale tomorrow. I went to the same event last year, and didn't find much, actually, but I was a little late. This year I'll go earlier. Still, I'm not expecting much -- I seem to do a lot better with garage sales.

I hope it warms up this weekend. I have another baseball game to go to, and last week's was FRIGID!

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