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Happy Monday!

July 21st, 2014 at 02:45 pm

It was a good weekend. On Saturday I went to a huge church rummage sale with my DIL and her mom. I can't even describe what an event this was. Parking was almost impossible -- we had to stand in line to get in -- we had to stand in line to check out. They were very well-organized, but the attendance was enormous.

I bought a sugar bowl & creamer in my Old Britain Castles pattern, as well as two bread & butter plates. I also got four matching Pyrex bowls, two colored bottles, a book, a puzzle, and some reading glasses. I spent $30. The OBC items were not especially cheap, but cheaper than I have seen them on eBay.

After the sale, we all went to a local restaurant for lunch. I spent $16 on a steak sandwich, which served as my lunch AND dinner.

In the afternoon I did two loads of laundry for $3, and on Sunday I grocery-shopped -- only $20. My eleven items were spaghetti sauce, applesauce, crescent rolls, frozen peas, fresh green beans, a Vidalia onion, butter, two boxes of potato flakes, and two prepared meatloaves. The meatloaves were BOGO, plus $1.00 off each, so I thought they were worth it. In addition, I got 10% off overall. I had my fried chicken coupon with me, but I went too early in the day -- the chicken hadn't been made yet. So I substituted the meatloaves. They are in the freezer to use another day. Everything else was on sale, except for the butter and onion.

I had a BIG can of tuna in my pantry, and on Sunday I made tuna salad, tuna patties and the makings for tuna melts (in crescent rolls). I think I'll be eating tuna all week!

Also on Sunday, I got a haircut ($17).

I found .09 over the weekend -- a nickel and four pennies, all in different places.

I met a friend at the pie shop (yeah, it's my place). She treated me, because she was trying to get me interested in selling vitamins for a company called USANA. It seemed like a typical multi-level marketing company to me, and I passed. It was a bit uncomfortable. I don't like the concept of friends selling to friends. But I really like this person, so I heard her out. She brought her mom, however, who was a BIG salesperson -- not pushy, but determined! I had to disappoint them.

Once again, I had an awful night's sleep -- my knee hurts the WORST when I'm lying down for some reason. But I'll sleep tonight, once I get through this day!

2 Responses to “Happy Monday!”

  1. Maranatha Says:

    I hope your knee stops hurting soon. You always find such great bargains at thrift stores and rummage sales!

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Sorry about your knee. Hope you get some good rest.

    You found some great bargains and glad you found something with your pattern.

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