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Ran Errands

August 14th, 2014 at 02:00 pm

Well, I ran my errands on the way home from work yesterday, so I racked up a little spending.

First I went to the post office and mailed a box of books to my sister - $6. Then I took my old Samsonite bag to a repair shop. It didn't cost me anything to drop it off, but it will cost $60 when I pick it up. I am getting the wheels replaced. It is still a really good bag, so getting the wheels fixed is worth it.

Then I went to Ulta and bought nail polish to extend my manicure - $10. And then to PetSmart for a fungus cure, which cost $14.

The fungus cure is a bright green powder, which had a surprising effect on the water in the tank! The angelfish is still alive, but I think she is still in danger. The medication needs to be refreshed in 48 hours and then after another 48 hours I'll do a water change and replace the filter. Not filtering right now, as it would only pull out the medicine.

I watched "Harry and Tonto" on one of the oldie channels last night. I miss movies like that; just sweet and slow-paced, with good acting and no big drama. I saw it in the theater many years ago, and watching it brought back many memories of those times.

I didn't get my free ice cream yesterday -- I had too much cheese on my pizza at lunch, so I was lactosed out. Today, I believe I am getting a free lunch as well. We are going to a presentation by one of our Trustees on the College's historic relationship with the Church, and I believe free lunch was mentioned.

I cashed in two Pine Cone survey awards -- my snowflakes are crawling up to the $1000 range!

Oh, I forgot -- I also used a $3 birthday coupon at CVS to buy a travel comb and brush for $1.72.

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