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Pay Day

August 15th, 2014 at 02:00 pm

Love Pay Day, even though it's so anticlimactic any more .... Just a few bills to pay (credit cards and mortgage) -- everything else is automated.

I sent $650 to the credit union. $321 will go to the mortgage, the rest to the E-fund.

I had a big bill to pay ($1,200+) to Chase Freedom. Already got the reward. There is $15.88 left in rewards, but I can't unlock it until there is $20. I'm not using the card now as I am charging up the Citi Thank You Card, and after that I'll be working on earning my $400 Discover bonus. So I think that $15.88 is just going to sit for a while.

Last night I stopped at Supercuts and bought a gift card for 4 haircuts for $40. Now I hope my stylist stays there for four more months!

I did have a free lunch yesterday at my meeting -- sandwich and cookies. Today I am going to lunch with others to meet with a former colleague. I have a lunch in the fridge that's been there all week, and I haven't had a chance to eat it. I think I may just eat it today, and get something minimal when I go out. Either that or freeze it for next week.

I have a $5 off coupon for spending $50 at the grocery store this weekend. I will try to hit $50 as close as possible, stocking up on sale items as much as possible.

I also have a $10 Kohl's gift card -- but it may have expired; I'll have to check it. If not, I'll go get a little gift for my grandson's upcoming birthday.

My fish with the fungus looks better today. Maybe the medication will work. Tonight I'll do the second dose.

2 Responses to “Pay Day”

  1. snafu Says:

    I think it's terrific to have worry free paydays with everything going smoothly. Was it August when you bought your condo and had lots of change going on?

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I bought my condo in September 2012. Hard to believe I'm comin' up on two years!

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