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Weekend Update

August 18th, 2014 at 04:08 pm

For someone who's trying to earn credit card rewards, I'm finding it surprisingly hard to spend money. I'm determined not to spend frivolously, though, so I just have to find the right balance.

This weekend I spent $54 at the grocery store and $13 at Kohl's. The Kohl's spending was a top that looks like two pieces, suitable for work. It was originally $36, but with a markdown, a $10 gift card and an additional 20% off, it came to $13.

I went to an impromptu picnic this weekend with my son's family, but since I had just eaten, I just brought a bottle of water. I enjoyed the company and watching my grandsons play.

We also had a games afternoon -- Bohnanza with the boys and a new South American card game with my son (can't remember the name). More cheap entertainment, which always seems to be the most fun!

I didn't do too much cooking this weekend, like I usually do. I had four petite sirloin steaks on hand, (two packages for the price of one. I cooked two in my grill pan, eating one for dinner and cutting up the other for steak fajitas later. The other two are in the freezer, which is getting pretty full! I'm going to have to concentrate on eating from my freezer soon.

I had my free breakfast at work this morning (opening day) -- apparently I didn't take enough, because I'm starving now! That's okay; a free barbecue on the College lawn is coming up in a half hour. And I think that will be the last of the free food events for a while, at least until Homecoming.

I found .65 on the train on Friday evening! And this morning I found another penny in a parking lot, so had .66 to add to my totals.

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  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm sure you will meet the spending requirement. You have three months to earn the reward. Fortunately, my husband is putting his travel expenses on ours and I think we have nearly me the requirement. This was much faster than I anticipated!

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