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Long Day

September 9th, 2014 at 01:59 pm

I drove yesterday, with the intention of making stops on the way home. I wanted to get gas, get a manicure, and pick up the other shade from Home Depot. Accomplished two of those! Home Depot did not have the shade yet. This is the second time that I've gone back for an item that is supposed to arrive in a shipment, but didn't.

The gas was $33 and the manicure was only $8, which included the tip. I had a $10 gift coupon to use. I took my own polish in, and unfortunately forgot it when I left, so I had to take a lengthy backtrack in heavy traffic to go get it. It cost me $18 so it was worth going back for!

I got really hungry on the way home so I stopped at McDonalds and spent $3.

I arrived at work at 7 and got home around 7 as well. It was a long day. I didn't try to do anything once I got home -- I just fed the fish, filled up the cat's water and lay down to read. I should have done some laundry, but there was no way! I was bushed.

Today I'm looking into plane tickets. I'm going to fly to Asheville in December in order to drive my cousin to her second home in Florida. Then I'll fly back home from Florida. My sister is coming along, and I'm going to get her ticket to fly back as well. Now I'm just waiting to make sure that everyone agrees on the dates.

My Florida son is coming to visit this weekend! He and his wife will be spending most of their time with her family for some kind of event, but I will get a little time with them. I'm so excited! Every moment with my beautiful granddaughter is precious.

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