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September 19th, 2014 at 02:58 pm

The best part about working for a living is Friday. The promise of two days of freedom is intoxicating!

I will travel to Indiana tomorrow to spend the weekend with my best friend. We try to get together every few months, even though we live in different states.

It looks like I need to charge about $130 more on my Discover card this month to meet the $2000 goal. I think that will be easily done in my travels this weekend, especially since I plan to ask my friend to let me use the card for any activities! Plus, I still have the train pass to buy.

I have accomplished several planned tasks in this month's spending: bought airline tickets for my December vacation, as well as a ticket for my sister (will be reimbursed for most of it). Bought upholstery fabric for recovering my couch. Bought six tickets for a birthday excursion to Medieval Times. Bought replacement hardware for my kitchen cabinets. Bought cellular shades for my kitchen windows. Made a donation to my grandson's school fundraiser. Bought three pairs of shoes I badly needed. I also paid $100 to the hospital for my ER co-pay. The rest was charging all my groceries, pet supplies, household supplies, personal care, eating out, postage, Netflix, phone, and my usual charities. Although I have done too much eating out, and have driven the car too many times, for the most part I have been careful to find deals, and get the most for my dollar. So I am pleased overall.

Oh, and looking over my Discover bill, it looks like Spirit DID reimburse me for the cancelled flight, so that was a nice surprise!

The meeting I dreaded yesterday was not great, but not awful. There will be more of them as we move toward a campaign. I am so glad I am winding down my last year here.

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  1. My English Castle Says:

    Have a fun weekend!

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