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Pay Day

January 15th, 2015 at 03:43 pm

It's the first pay day of the New Year, the first one after my 3% raise. I predicted the new amount of my paycheck within $3! I wish I had been surprised by a bigger amount, though!

No sweep into savings this month. I will be scrambling to pay the Discover bill. This morning I deposited a $600 check from my E-fund. They won't credit the full amount till tomorrow, so tomorrow I'll sweep some more money from the slush fund and pay the bill. It will make me sad. But when that's done I can start climbing up again.

I had a crazy eating day yesterday. I was so hungry in the morning, I bought two sausage biscuits at McDonalds (they're so cheap!) Then at noon, I persuaded myself not to buy lunch, but had some fruitcake from the break room and also made myself some oatmeal. On the way home, I was starving again, so I stopped at Culver's and spent $11 on a burger, onion rings and a shake. Turned out I couldn't eat more than half of the burger, but I did scarf down all the onion rings, and the shake. Winter does this to me! Today I am feeling more in control. I bought a muffin at the station, but I carried in some soup, some dates and some granola bars, so I should be ready for the hungries, when they strike again.

Last night I set up the humidifier I had been using in the living room in my bedroom. It didn't seem to do much good in the night. In the morning, I was shocked to see that the water level was about the same, even though it was on, and it was oscillating. I fooled around with the controls and suddenly saw a plume of mist. I guess it wasn't really working in the night. Hoping tonight will be better. I'm still interested in getting a bigger, better one that will be more dependable and will cover a larger space. And I'm still interested in the PurMist handheld appliance, because my sinuses are really suffering.

2 Responses to “Pay Day”

  1. laura/deacons wife Says:

    My kids are clamoring for Steak N Shake malts - they're convinced the egg nog ones are still there. The funny thing is ... nothing of them like egg nog. I do. They are appealing to my sense of abandonment -- once they are gone, they are gone until next year. Smile

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I had a crazy eating day yesterday too ... Much better today. Smile

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