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Paid the Discover bill

January 16th, 2015 at 02:10 pm

I scheduled my Discover bill payment for the 20th -- just to make sure that all the money I'm moving around will be there when the payment hits. My slush fund took the biggest hit -- $1200. I'll work to rebuild that first. I took $600 from the E-fund.

I'm glad to have that behind me.

I bought the PurMist inhaler on Amazon yesterday, but I still need to spend $649 this month on Discover, to complete the challenge. I plan to shop at BB&B this weekend to get some sheets, some cookware, a coffeemaker, and maybe a comforter. I have a comforter I like, but it's old and it has a hole in it. Then I should have everything I could possibly need for the next few years, barring any surprises. If I still have a balance to spend, I will buy gift cards.

For all this, I will get back $400 cash, which seems paltry, but I am confident that I spent the money wisely, and I am glad I've taken care of the big things that had to get done. The coming months will be all about frugality again.

My room-size humidifier worked fine last night, so I'm not going to buy a bigger one. I think the PurMist will give me immediate relief when I'm blocked up, and the humidifier will help make the bedroom comfortable at night on a regular basis.

Even though it's winter, I'm still finding change. I found .02 this morning, and passed up another penny because I would have had to jump in front of other people to get it! I don't do that. I have SOME pride. Smile

3 Responses to “Paid the Discover bill”

  1. turning a new leaf Says:

    Paying the bills are always a nice sigh of relief! As for you jumping in front of the others to get the other penny...well, I would have at this point, if it weren't for that student loan! Smile

  2. turning a new leaf Says:

    I do admire your politeness for othersSmile

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    You might have ended up on a viral Youtube video -- the lady who got stampeded all for a penny. Smile

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