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Austen, and other stuff

January 21st, 2015 at 03:28 pm

I don't know if I've updated about this here, but I have kept in touch via email with the professor I visited at my alma mater last summer. He is teaching a course on Jane Austen now, and I am reading along, hence the Sense and Sensibility on my sidebar. I downloaded the whole set of Austen on my phone for $1! Talk about a bargain! (I've read all of Jane Austen before, but it's been a long time. I'm really enjoying the re-read!)

I will meet with the prof again soon, and I hope we will become friends! We seemed to hit it off!

Yesterday's spending, aside from the big splurge on Austen, was $1.50 for parking and $3.75 for a scone (which I ate for breakfast today). I had to meet a friend at a coffee shop, and that's what it cost to park the car and then to park myself in the shop! It was a good scone, though.

I returned my old modem to Comcast, which was a lot more complicated than I though it would be. I thought I would just drop by the Comcast outlet near work and drop it off. Well, there was a huge line, and people near the front said they had been waiting two hours! What? What is wrong with that company?

So I went to UPS and had it mailed instead (which is free). Finding the UPS was the problem. I asked Google to direct me to the nearest UPS store -- it took me to the airport (and there apparently WAS a UPS inside the Hilton there) but I couldn't park and got caught in the loop around and around. Finally went to the next closest, which was in a very heavily traveled area (at rush hour) but once I got there, the staff at UPS handled it all so quickly and professionally. They even went through with me what documents to hang on to, in case Comcast claims they didn't receive it. Whew! Glad that's done.

Today is meeting-free. Love that!

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  1. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    How frustrating with the return!

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