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January Recap

February 4th, 2015 at 02:31 pm

What a big spending month! Here is how it broke down:

Furnishings/Equipment/Decor - $1434

(This included a new mattress and box spring, a set of sheets, a coffeemaker, a suitcase, a tablecloth, a steam cleaner, a new frying pan, and a bathtub pole.)

Housing - $677

Groceries - $184

($100 of this was in the form of a gift card.)

Utilities - $144

Eating Out - $139

Clothing - $136

(This included a sweater, SmartWool socks, and winter gloves.)

Gifts/Charity - $123

(This included my son's birthday.)

Fares/Parking - $99

Phone - $50

Vet/Pet Supplies - $31

Gas - $29

Laundry - $23

Household Supplies - $18

Entertainment - $15

Personal - $10

Car Repair/Maintenance - $6 (Car wash)

Grand Total - $3118

This month has some challenges. I have my first semi-annual property tax bill to pay. And I have promised to start putting funds into my grandsons' college accounts. With the tax bill looming, I don't think I'll be able to put in the $1100 I was planning on. (Last year's snowflakes) But I will put something in, and eventually get the full amount in. My kids don't know yet that I'm putting $1100 in, so they'll be happy with anything, to start!

No spending yesterday -- and I got a free lunch! (Bagels and cream cheese, in celebration of a new employee) My couscous creation was good, and made enough for dinner last night, and lunch today.

I found a penny on the train this morning. I'll be so happy when my Found Money tops $50!

2 Responses to “January Recap”

  1. chloe Says:

    I think it's really cool that you're using your snowflakes to put in your grandsons' college accounts. That is such a meaningful way to use them. (As someone who received some college money from my grandparents and was so grateful.)

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I had an aunt that put money in a trust fund type thing for my brother and I - we both got it when we graduated from high-school. If I remember right it was about $1100. I was able to use it towards my first car purchase (along with other savings) and so always thought of my Aunt whenever I drove it. Smile

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