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Just Ruminating

February 10th, 2015 at 02:40 pm

No spending yesterday.

This morning I was running a little late getting ready, so I drove. I will take advantage of that by getting gas at the cheaper suburb rate, and mailing a package before I leave town. I can never mail from home during the week -- I don't get home before the post office closes.

The day after tomorrow I have to go to a happy hour event downtown. It may mean getting a taxi (unless the bar is near the station) and I'll have to pay for my drinks, though there will be free appetizers. I'm not complaining, I enjoy these social opportunities, but there is always a cost! At the end of the month, the same group is going to the Field Museum. Free entrance, but there will be a cost if I want to see the cool new Viking exhibit (I probably do) and there will be a meal cost, too.

I have to do something for Valentine's Day for the grandkids. I have little candy boxes (shaped like footballs) for the boys, and for my granddaughter I have her "new" Goodwill clothes. I think I'll get a little candy box for my GD and send off the package. For the boys, I'm stumped as to what to include with the candy. They don't like clothes; they have a kabillion Legos; maybe some new Beanie babies? They love the ones with the big eyes.

3 Responses to “Just Ruminating”

  1. laura/the deacon's wife Says:

    Mine like the ones with the big eyes. We are starting a small collection. Those are nice in the Easter baskets, and you can use coupons for 40% to 50% off at Michaels and Joannes. Smile

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    If I were the kids mom, I would rather have just the candy than a dust collector. Maybe consider something that is an activity, such as Playdough or a word search book.

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    According to my boy, you can never have too many Legos.

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