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Lost My Hat

February 18th, 2015 at 02:40 pm

But I found it again!

Yesterday morning, when I was going through the ordeal with my dysfunctional key fob, I inadvertently left my hat in the car. It was such a cold day, and I didn't know where I had lost my hat or if I would ever find it again, so I bought a new one at the train station for $19. It's a nice, practical, warm hat. Cable-knit taupe, with a thermal lining. And it was 30% off!

Then when I got home, I saw the original hat on my car seat, and I was glad, because it's actually cuter. Smile I'll be glad to have both hats.

It was not so easy getting the battery for the key fob. The Toyota dealer didn't have it, Radioshack didn't have it -- I finally got one at Batteries Plus. It was only $2.50, so I bought two. Then I paid the guy $10 to install it. Yes, I probably could have done it myself, but at that point I wasn't taking any chances on my all-thumbs handiwork. I wanted this done.

I had to ask a co-worker to drive me around to get the battery, since I had come by train. This morning I gave her a Darden gift card for $15. She has done me many driving favors before and never wants compensation, but I felt I had to do something!

Anyway, the key fob works, the car is drivable, and all is well.

I drove this morning, not only to make sure it worked, but because it is very, very cold. I have decided I am not walking to the train station when the wind chill is below zero. It's not worth it.

But, best news of the day -- my Tightwad Gazette was in the mail!! Thank you CCF, for running the contest, and excellent packaging! You're way better than Amazon!

2 Responses to “Lost My Hat”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Yea! I thought it would arrive pretty quickly. Enjoy the reading! I would have paid $10 for installation of that battery too after all that running around.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I'm glad you found your hat!

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