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Spring Break -- Really?

March 24th, 2015 at 01:40 pm

Well, what a miserable day it was yesterday! The walk home from the train station was cold and WET! My feet were soaked, even though I was wearing boots.

I managed not to buy anything, even though I had no food with me. A co-worker gave me cheese and pepperoni; I had crackers in my desk. I also had oatmeal to make for breakfast. So I was fine. In the evening, I resisted temptation and went straight home to have yogurt and popcorn for dinner. (I know, not great -- but FAST was the ticket!) Tonight I'll have spaghetti with veggie/marinara sauce. I already boiled the pasta, so it won't take so long. I'll just have to steam the veggies and warm it all up.

One of the professors here is a friend of mine. He is a fellow train-rider. Yesterday he told me he was driving today, and offered to pick me up. So I got a ride this morning, and he even bought me coffee on the way! The funny part was that he took such a convoluted, roundabout route, I arrived about 25 minutes later than usual. Don't ever tell me men are more logical than women! That was the most illogical route I ever experienced, but of course I didn't correct him, as he was just being nice.

Did I mention that it's Spring Break and it's almost empty here? When I came to work, it didn't matter that I was late, because I was the ONLY one on my floor. Folks are trickling in a bit, but not much. I think it's going to be very laid-back this week, which suits my mood just fine!

4 Responses to “Spring Break -- Really?”

  1. snafu Says:

    How nice to get a ride in + coffee. I sure know about torrential rain. Rainy season has begun in Thailand. We had a couple of hours of 'can't see across the street' rain early this afternoon. The roadways flood in less than 10 minutes. I watch a bus load of tourists line up to board their tour bus just as the rain started. The first 4 individuals are protected by the hotel's portico but the rest are at nature's mercy. By the time the 1st half were aboard, the last half were dripping wet in spite of the efforts of hotel staff to offer umbrellas and try to que the last of the passengers in the lobby. These were mainland Chinese visitors and they were obviously misreading the good intentions of hotel staff. Queuing is not a custom in China. I felt sorry for those individuals who would be sitting on a bus, soaked to the skin for the remainder of the day.

  2. CB in the City Says:

    Alas, I wish it were rain that got my feet so wet! It was sloppy wet slushy snow. I am so done with winter, but winter isn't done with me yet!

  3. Buendia Says:

    Spring here = dry, dusty, windy, allergies. Can't wait for summer! Stay dry and warm!

    PS - Popcorn and yogurt sounds like something I used to eat for dinner before I married D who has a much more traditional idea of dinner!

  4. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    A laid back week is good. Smile

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